2020 Allen, D.W., “Dappled Psychiatric”


Allen, D.W., “Dappled Psychiatric”, 2020

This entertaining novel by former MPPA president David Allen illustrates some of the challenges of practicing psychiatry — and being a patient — in today’s mental health system. Dr. Janus Phillips enjoys practicing psychiatry in a small Minnesota town until the weekend he hospitalizes three young patients: Tiffany, a sixteen year old suburbanite, Shauna, a seventeen year old orphan, and Francisco, a twenty-one year old immigrant. As the patients struggle with their personal challenges, Dr. Janus and his patients feel trapped by an inflexible and flawed mental health system. Humor, tragedy and a generous dose of realism have Dappled Psychiatric asking the question: Can anyone get out of this happy and well?

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David Allen
White River Junction, Vermont