MPPA is a Group Public Square

  • Where any idea can be brought yet freely challenged.
  • Where the motivating spirit is to empower patients.

MPPA’s history recounts its elan driven by its motivating spirit of patient empowerment and its unique evolution into a physician association with community leaders—the patient writ large.

It became unique in its first 23-years: an unusual evolution into a medical political discussion group. In its simplicity, it is a pure “think tank”. In some ways MPPA is akin to your local book club in its openness and lack of political policies or group think. It is akin to a public square.

Its power resides in its eclectic intellectual capital—all views and ideas are welcome and open for discussion. There is no other organization like it. It has become a convener, a heretical place analyzing and battling pompous social engineering panaceas, and political malpractice.

In a larger sense, MPPA is a place of ideas where ideas are the forces that generate the actions of men and women in the course of human history. A place where, “the players…are the…brief chronicles of the time…” [Shakespeare W. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Act II, ii.] An apt description of our many MPPA Fellows and their history.