2009 Liebhard, Wayne D. ELEPHANTS IN THE EXAM ROOM


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Elephants in The Exam Room is a powerful book. The author, Dr. Wayne Liebhard, picks apart the American health care system and shows why we are in a health care crisis and what needs to be done about it. What I found extraordinary about this book is that Liebhard not only candidly exposes the problems within America’s health care system, but he also offers realistic and practical solutions. I hope every American reads this book and voices their concern, even outrage, at what’s going on. – Karen Coiffi-Ventrice of BookPleasures.com

Health care is a very touchy and complicated subject, so let me refer you to what I think is the best treatise I have ever read on this subject: Elephants in the Exam Room by Dr. Wayne Liebhard. – Minnesota State Representative Michael Beard

While I was in the U.S. Senate trying to change the practice of medicine by changing the way Medicare finances patient care, Wayne and doctors like him were growing frustrated. First in their efforts to meet patient needs and demands, and then by the changes in the system, in the life styles of practitioners, and the growing emphasis by folks like me in changing practice behavior from the outside in. For those of us who believe that community and family health professionals, not bionic medicine men, are the key to improved access, quality, and cost, this nicely-written plea by a Minnesota doc and friend is a good read. – Former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger, Director, National Institute of Health Policy

Elephants in The Exam Room is a warning to patients and a wake-up call to physicians. With a blunt tongue and a few pointed fingers, Dr. Liebhard debunks health care myths and demystifies the dangerous doublespeak of today’s health care debate. Every reader should heed Dr. Liebhard’s warning before there are only elephants left in the room, and no doctors to be found. – Twila Brase, RN, PHN, President, Citizen’s Council on Health Care

This book is a “must-read” for anyone interested in returning control of their health care decisions to consumers and their physicians, and away from government regulators and HMO executives. –Thomas A. Stolee, M.D., Past President, Minnesota Medical Association