2022 Email Loop Discussions


Email loop discussion 2022 from January 1 to May 1, 2022.

  1. Factory medicine—the medical assembly line
  2. Doctors and nurses as “type writers and modems” for information data
  3. Clinicians at financial risk for population costs—de-professionalization
  4. Increased reliance on physician assistants
  5. Medicaid expansion scam costs
  6. Lack of benefit from lockdowns and masking
  7. High hospital costs—200% increase in 2021
  8. MMA analysis of a MN Public Option insurance program
  9. Medicaid FFS option
  10. Reference Base Pricing to eliminate surprise billings
  11. AMA “woke” language police
  12. CDC crushing critics of its lockdown and mask mandates
  13. Biological sex and controversial child gender grooming
  14. UHG Richard Burke retirement and dire system effect letter
  15. Meical Homes
  16. GOP congressional plans for medicine
  17. Lawsuit vs Sec of Health about a race rule
  18. High hospital costs
  19. Civil rights complaints a 5 med schools
By Kevin