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August 10 2013 Conference on Direct Pay Medical Practice

Monday, July 29th, 2013

MPPA is co-sponsoring an August 10 conference on Direct Pay Practices with AAPS. See to register. You are cordially invited to share your perspectives and learn informally and formally from colleagues who practice within a direct pay practice model.
We plan to fill the 250 seat auditorium at the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs on the U of M campus. The conference is coordinated by MPPA Board member Dave Racer and features speakers from the AAPS and local doctors discussing their experiences with “direct pay” practice models. Discussion and interaction encouraged! Patients, the public and the media are invited.

Few if any private professional practices can survive or thrive on what HMO Medicaid pays and what Medicare allows. That’s why MPPA is discussing “defined contribution” insurance options which specify allowable third party contributions to patient care episodes, and the option of balance billing for doctors and other professionals.

Policy questions include: What do patients want and what will they support in government payment reform proposals? Are there complements (or alternatives) to the current third-party health care payment system?

$2100 worth of ads have been placed in Minnesota Medicine, MetroDoctors, Minnesota Physician, and Minnesota Healthcare News, and in the Minnesota Psychiatric Society (MPS) newsletter. MPPA is a 501(c)3 Minnesota charitable nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible. Please consider a contribution to MPPA to cover our advertising costs.

We welcome your thoughts and recommendations for the August 10 conference — send them to me. Please attend the conference and spread the word among your colleagues.
Lee H. Beecher, MD
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