Physician Patient

MPPA Position Statements

MPPA stands for a strong Patient-Physician relationship as essential to improve health Care quality and control health care costs.

We oppose policies (laws and rules) which interfere with the patient-physician relationship and decision-making.

Sound health care policy requires that:

  • Patients be viewed as the consumers of health care services. As such they are central to both the clinical decision-making process and in deciding on choices of health care insurance protection.
  • Patients and their families should decide what is best for their own health care, in In collaboration and partnership with physicians and care teams.
  • When health care affordability is an obstacle to receiving care or obtaining adequate health care insurance, money to pay for care or insurance can come from charity or government programs.
  • Government money for care or insurance should, in most cases, be in the form of medical care spending accounts (debit cards or vouchers) which can then allow consumers (patients and their families) to arrange and pay for health care services and health catastrophic (chronic) care insurance protections of their choice.

MPPA seeks to achieve these goals by:

  1. Favoring and foster competition among health providers and insurers.
  2. Promoting clinical excellence and continuing education for professionals.
  3. Supporting government protection of the public via professional licensing and insurance regulation.
  4. Encouraging patient education on effective medical practices and ongoing clinical and basic medical research.
  5. Targeting government programs to those patients who cannot arrange or afford health care services or insurance protection.
  6. Advocating legal tort reform that justly compensates those truly injured in medical malpractice cases and weeds out frivolous suits.
  7. Assuring access to affordable health care insurance for all Americans to provide for catastrophic coverage, and a wide range of coverage options.

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