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What you need to know about “Medicare for All” in 2019

Goodman, John. “What You Need to Know about Medicare for All.” Goodman Institute, August 29, 2018.

Medicare in the United States is not government health care insurance.

Private insurers run the most successful programs in Medicare today. Nationally one third of seniors and more than half of Minnesota’s seniors are now enrolled in private Medicare plans.

The US Medicare program today wastes enormous sums of money on “innovations” that do not improve medical care or rationalize costs. It is not consumer-directed or consumer friendly.

Although they are unaware of it, most seniors enrolled in conventional Medicare today are participating in “stealth privatization” of Medicare.

Employers and private insurers in the US do and can do much more to effectively manage Medicare than can the government.

Medicare for All would be prohibitively costly.

The real costs of Medicare now and in the future cannot hide the currently low payments imposed today on physicians and the increased taxes (costs) which must be borne by US taxpayers.

Not a single problem caused (or made worse) by the (2010) Obamacare law would go away with Medicare for All.

Medicare is already is on a path to government-imposed health care rationing. Medicare for All will accelerate rationing access to care.


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