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Next Steps After Health Care Price Transparency in Minnesota

Congratulations to Dr. Neil Shah for writing an excellent article titled Minnesota’s price transparency law in the July issue of Minnesota Physician magazine. See:

Health care price transparency is a good and necessary first step to empowering Minnesota consumers. And in 2018 most Minnesota legislators on a bi-partisan basis agreed. But, as Dr. Shah correctly concludes in his article, “Unfortunately, what’s good for patients and health care purchasers may not be good for some insurers or large health care systems.” That can change.

So, here are three “next steps” to improve Minnesota health care:
1. Voters in 2018 need to support and elect politicians who’ll expand consumer health care choices in Minnesota.
2. Minnesota “insurers” should offer consumers (employers and patients) a wide range of health care coverage options.
3. When health care “providers” as a normal business practice can tell patients what their care costs, this will improve and sharpen the quality of health care decisions as well as be a business opportunity for “providers.”

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