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Minnesota physicians do not want to be our vaccination police


Minnesota physicians do not want to be our vaccination police

A July 19 letter from the Minnesota Medical Association and MN Academy of Pediatrics urges our legislators to act to “tighten Minnesota’s law by closing the current loophole that allows parents to express a conscientious objection to administering vaccines.” In our view there is no reasonable disagreement that scientific information readily available to parents and vulnerable communities about vaccinations is a laudable goal and worthy public expense. For example, the Somali community is combating false claims that measles vaccines cause autism in their children Moreover, today children who are not immunized for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) in Minnesota are denied admission to schools or day care programs unless their parents formally object (the conscientious objection). This is how it should be. Our Minnesota public health goal ought to be reduce parental objections. However, requiring Minnesota’s licensed physicians (and other professionals) to administer vaccines is counterproductive. Making a medical license contingent on administering vaccines smacks of George Orwell’s dystopia. Such public policy only sows patients’ distrust for doctors and discontent among clinicians.

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  1. Jerri Johnson Says:

    Thank you for your letter to the editor regarding the threat to physicians who give exemptions for vaccines, or who accept patient requests to skip or delay one or more vaccines.

    I am the president of National Health Freedom Action. We are concerned the the effort to restrict patient choices and physician decision-making on vaccination issues. We have opposed legislative efforts to this end, and will do so again this coming session. I would love to talk with you about this if possible. My number is 651 688 6515. I tried calling the number listed on your website but it didn’t work.

    Thanks for your work for physician = patient independant thinking.
    Jerri Johnson

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