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As the ACA is Reformed/Repealed, What Legislation Should Minnesota (and other States) Pass?

Monday, December 11th, 2017

As the ACA is Reformed/Repealed, What Should Minnesota (and other States) Do?

In this excellent presentation (click on, below), Beverly Gossage shows how the 2010 Affordable Care Act came to be and what steps are need to be taken to reform US (and Minnesota) health care law to empower patients, their families, and the physicians who care for them.

Beverly Gossage is a former educator who became an independent health care insurance agent. She was at first passionate about reducing health care premiums for her parents’ small plumbing business in Lawrence, KS. Their family company became the “poster child” first full replacement group MSA/HSA. Engineering this important health care innovation thrust Beverly into the national spotlight. In her 15 years as a health insurance agent (licensed in nearly half the states), she’s championed Consumer Driven Health Plans for her clients. She is a respected expert on health care related issues and is sought-after as a speaker at policy and advocacy groups such as State Policy Network, ALEC, NCSL, Chambers of Commerce, NAHU, and NFIB. Beverly is an honored recipient of the National Consumer Driven Health Care Innovator Award.

Beverly was invited to meet with the Trump White House health reform staff. Previously, she was a hit when President George W. Bush featured her at a 2006 White House roundtable on HSAs.  Beverly has conducted Capitol Hill briefings in DC, testified on free market health care policy in several states, and assisted in crafting legislative policy (such as HB818 in Missouri and HB2107 in KS).

Ms. Gossage was a research fellow for the Show Me Institute, on the advisory board for Doctors and Patients Medical Association (DPMA) and is a Senior Fellow for Independent Women’s Voice. Beverly has leadership experience in the National Association of Health Underwriters. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback appointed her to the State Board of Indigents Defense Services in 2016; she has served on multiple commissions on health care in her home state of Kansas. She is frequently interviewed by local and national news stations and writes op-eds for multiple publications, including The Hill, Forbes, and USA Today. “Good medicine” and health care policy is apparently in the family, since her daughter-in-law is a surgical oncologist at the Mayo Clinic. 

The 64 billion$ question is: What will employers do? Beverly reports that 56% of Americans and their families are now insured through employers, and 16% have private insurance. Regarding expanding government programs, 19% are on Medicaid, 17% on Medicare, and 5% on Military-related programs.