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Future Costs of Coverage in Minnesota’s MNsure Insurance Market?

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017


How can MN politicians reconcile the competing interests of consumers (patients and families), insurance companies, and (large) “provider” organizations? Who will be the winners and losers?

Consumers need to come first.

How can the individual insurance market be stabilized by the 2017 massive MN taxpayer subsidies to Minnesota insurance companies in the face of continuing Obamacare mandates and with no guarantees of lower rates to enrollees? Expand Medicaid? Are we on the road to Minnesota single payer? Except for employer-based insurance, are we in Minnesota almost there already?

How will the costs of health care be mitigated without knowing and comparing the actual prices of services, drugs, devices, and insurance to individuals? Price controls implemented through population capitations and “value-based” algorithms in accountable care organizations (ACO) as the current fashion work against transparency of health care costs to patients. And, regrettably, government and insurance companies by so doing have a strong incentive to keep prices and costs invisible to patients. And the hiring organizations of doctors and other “providers” focus on reducing costs to the organization rather than to patients.

Beyond the hoped for ability to get insurance more cheaply, what do Minnesota patients think about the economic underpinnings of our MN health care system? And advice to politicians going forward?