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MPPA Meeting Thursday January 12, 2017 at 6 PM in Central Medical Building, St. Paul.

Those present: President Lee Beecher, Bob Geist, Dave Racer, Hannelore Brucker, Scott Jensen, Carl Burkland, Steve McCue, Carolyn McClain, Lye Swenson, Don Gehrig, Steve Tobriani, Matt Flanders, Twila Brase, Greg Plotnikoff, Tim Herman. Two Board members were ill and could not attend.

1. Twila Brase presented the CCHF Wedge program which emphasizes transparent affordable pricing, freedom of clinician and patient to choose their direct relationship, true patient privacy, No government reporting or other outside interference in doctor-patient relationship, cash-based pricing, protected-doctor relationship, all patients welcome—see or 651-646-8935. Commentary: Questions about applicability to an ER was asked and examples of about 200 various practices in 43 states were described. Marketing will depend on funding. The consensus was that this program deserves everyone’s attention—it has already seen real expansion.
2. Peter Nelson and Sen. Steve Jensen discussed current legislative bills (HF 1 and SF 1) regarding the turmoil in the private individual market where premium prices have sky-rocketed from minus 33% of group policy costs years-ago to plus 40% in 2015. Sen, Jensen’s agenda includes price transparency, HSAs, inter-state insurance availability, resurrecting MCHA, an Any Willing Provider approach to narrow networks, address the problems of regional price setting, prior authorization problems, and so forth. Commentary: The apparent cause is ObamaCare repeal of state high risk pools, which put all those people into a small individual market population. The MN bills to subsidize individual premiums will end this year-end. Meanwhile, there is hope that Congress will come through with reforms and that the successful MN MCHA can be revitalized to re-create a MN high risk pool. The difference of GOP and Dayton bills was discussed. MNSure adequacy was questioned and the need for patient-centered free market place was noted.
3. Steve Tobriani, a Mpls neurologist, presented a very interesting health plan. The problem needing solution is the inexorable rise in costs because of a 3,100% rise in MCO administrative overhead to ‘control costs”, while the number of providers has increased 3% and physician pay has risen about 7% from 1990 to 2011—essentially stagnant. Attached as an appendix is his health plan to free employers and workers from paralyzing costs. See page 2-4.
4. RWG and Dave Feinwachs proposal for a Medicaid Family Medical Account (FMA) bill will be discussed the next meeting. See p. 5 for the rationale to be discussed later.
5. Dr. Beecher and Dave Racer noted a pending book recounting Lee’s experiences in medicine. From medical school, to specialization, to medical director, then to private practice, and eventually to a cash only practice.
6. Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21, 2017—note change of date

Respectfully submitted, Robert W. Geist MD, Secretary pro-tem

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