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Patients are the Ultimate Stakeholders in Health Care Reform

Patients are the ultimate stakeholders in health care system reform. Two newsworthy items:

The video (below) by e-Patient Dave highlights the vital role of the patient as partner and collaborator with his/her physician(s) in achieving optimal health care outcomes. Also, how the Internet is transforming access to medical-scientific information relevant to person-centered care. See Dave’s excellent Stockholm Nobel Museum video at:

Another: Roger Redondo, a MIT neuroscientist, in the Journal Nature presents a neat experiment with mice examining how mammalian brains know “where” something occurs (place — hippocampus) and what “feelings” (pleasant or unpleasant — amygdala) are associated. These neural associations can be altered by light stimulating discrete brain cell networks and changing the mouse’s minds. See And

Scientists Turn Bad Memories Into Good Inside the Brains of Mice

It is really no surprise that science is fleshing out the neuro-physiology of the work of psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists and patient-centered physicians who provide empathic, trusting, individualized and relationships to their patients or students. We know that when professional relationships are based on trust and communication they are powerful tools to “re-program” painful memories, aberrant behaviors, and prospects for success and self-fulfillment.

MPPA wants that to happen.

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